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About Fantrotter

Fantrotter is a free site that lets fans search the schedule of virtually any performer, and simultaneously shop the best prices for tickets, flights, hotels, and car rentals. Fantrotter presents an estimated total price for the entire experience in each city and enables one-click purchase options from trustworthy ticket and travel providers.

"As people reflect on their lives, they never look back at their time spent traveling, listening to music, or attending great sporting events, as time wasted. Fantrotter empowers people to follow their passions — whether that be music, sports, festivals, comedy or theater — and do more of what makes them happy, now." - Founder/CEO Mike Coletta

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Mike Coletta
Lawrence Whiteside
Lead Architect
Kirby Desmarais
VP of Business Development

We created Fantrotter out of our own frustration while attempting to plan trips to see our favorite bands and teams. We like to travel a lot and often hit the road to see a new place as well as to catch an event. We found ourselves spending hours looking up ticket prices for different events on the schedule and performing separate searches for flights, hotels and car rentals, struggling to find the best prices for the dates we wanted to travel. Eventually we thought, wouldn't it be great if we could search schedules, ticket prices and travel prices on one website? Now we can (because we built it), and we're happy to share what we created with you!

Fantrotter makes it fast and easy for fans to plan event-based trips faster while saving time and money. Whether you’re traveling for an intimate concert or a high profile game, Fantrotter is here to facilitate your trip from beginning to end.

Another main goal of ours is to help event promoters make money from travel. To that end, we recently launched the Fantrotter Travel Revenue Share Program, a simple and risk-free way for artists and festivals to gain a new revenue source.