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Fantrotter: Press Coverage and Reviews

For media inquiries, please contact Founder/CEO Mike Coletta at mikec@fantrotter.com

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Video from the presentation given by Fantrotter founder Mike Coletta at a NY MusicTech event on Feb 10, 2014 including transcript of audience Q&A after the presentation.

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SF Music Tech Summit is an essential industry gathering. Fantrotter was selected as a recipient of the 2014 Startup Innovators Challenge award. Judges sorted through 50 + entries, and chose the top 11. Each gave demos at the Summit on May 20th, 2014.

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The service helps gig goers to arrange travel and accommodation for specific events. As you aware of, solving the hotel nightmare is a top trend this year. What’s in it for me, you may ask. Well Fantrotter shares a percentage of travel revenue with event planners. Choosing to advertise travel options with Fantrotter will create new sources of revenue.

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Fantrotter is a free site that lets fans search the schedule of virtually any performer, and simultaneously shop the best prices for tickets, flights, hotels, and car rentals. Enter your favorite into www.fantrotter.com and see where it takes you.

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As people grow old they often say they wish they had spent more time traveling, listening to music, and laughing with friends. That’s what Fantrotter is all about, helping people do more of what makes them happy—now.

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Today we hear from Mike Coletta, founder and CEO of Fantrotter, a sort of Stubhub meets Kayak meets Trip Advisor that helps fans with travel arrangement, et al, so that they can travel to where they need to be, to get to the events and performers they want to see. Fantrotter kills four birds with one stone. Simply and elegantly.

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Fantrotter.com, the new travel website for fans, today released a new documentary “#Fantrotting with Pearl Jam” in conjunction with Pearl Jam’s release of their 10th studio release, Lightning Bolt. The video features interviews with fans of the legendary rock band, providing insight into the travel habits of these die-hard concertgoers. Filmed at the band’s July 19, 2013 show at Wrigley Field in Chicago, which was the venue’s fastest concert sell-out ever, the video reveals that Pearl Jam fans would go to the ends of the Earth to see their favorite band live.

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Ask any seasoned traveler about the merits of globetrotting and you’re likely to hear a litany of enthusiastic responses: personal growth, cultural exploration, catharsis. [...] Fantrotter is a great option for concertgoers, football fanatics and festival chasers alike. A "ticket + travel" search engine, Fantrotter pairs events with flights, hotels and rental car options to create custom, package deals.

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Dreadlocks and grunge mixed with business suits and iPads at the SF MusicTech Summit on Tuesday, as musicians, developers and entrepreneurs met for the common goal of creating and sharing music through digital innovation. [...] Although the digitization of music has sent album sales plummeting, it also has resulted in more live concerts.

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Facebook users are more likely to attend events such as concerts, festivals, shows, and games if they have an easier way to arrange travel and lodging. This was the thinking behind the launch of Fantrotter for Performers, a Facebook application from Fantrotter that allows musical artists, comedians, festival promoters, theater groups, sports teams, and other event hosts to give potential attendees the option of planning their entire trips. Once Fantrotter for Performers is installed on Facebook pages, fans can check prices on tickets, flights, hotels, and car rentals, as well as purchase tickets and travel purchases from sources including StubHub and Expedia.

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Launched this spring, Fantrotter is a startup funded by Coletta’s "friends and family" that takes the hassle out of finding the best deals to trot around the globe to attend your favorite events. When I heard about the concept this week, it seemed interesting enough. But when I actually visited the site and began playing around on it, Fantrotter.com turned me into a fan of the site in just two searches.

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More often than not, when fans want to see and hear their favorite entertainment live, or scope out a hot festival, there are many logistics involved. It’s more than just clicking “Buy” on the tickets and taking the night off to hear the concert or see the show. Sometimes, for that really special event, fans will find themselves needing to make flight plans, book hotel rooms; not to mention procure a means of transportation for moving about locally. Much of the time this means having to juggle information from multiple websites and services.

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Mike Coletta, Founder and CEO of Fantrotter.com, talks about his one-stop shopping site for tickets and travel for sporting and musical events in the US.

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The recently launched Fantrotter.com is the ultimate travel site for live music and sports fans. It can also deliver you to your favorite comedian without breaking the bank. The free one-stop-shopping site lets fans check the schedule of their favorite band, team, or performer, and helps them compare the best prices and options for tickets, flights, hotels, and car rentals around the world. Enter your favorites into fantrotter.com and see where it takes you.

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Because following your favorite band on tour doesn't have to involve sleeping in a tent and not showering for a week (unless, like, you're into that. We're not here to judge.), Fantrotter's a one-stop travel site that helps you coordinate tickets to shows/sports/events with the flights, hotels, and rental cars you need to get there.

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Fantrotter is a new tool that allows travelling music fans to plan a vacation around a concert. It’s nerdy, I know. But it’s something some of us do. I, once, for fall break my senior year of college, drove 13 hours to Toronto to see Portishead. Fantrotter helps fans like me put a dollar-amount on that kind of trip.

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